Updated: EIR training details (dates and costs)

Last Sunday (1/4), we began a new four week series called Show and Tell.  Combined with the Sunday series, we are doing a four week training on Wednesday evenings using Cadre Ministry’s ‘Evangelism is Relationships.’

We’ve had a great response of people wanting to engage in the Evangelism is Relationships training!  Over 75 people have responded, and we anticipate more yet to be involved.  What better way to kick off a new year, than to be challenged and encouraged to live a life that shows and tells of the Good News of Jesus.

Below is an update with some additional details on the training so you’re aware:


Because of the weather cancellation on January 7, the training will kick off on January 14.  It will happen on January 14, 21, 28, and February 4.  Doors will open at 6:30pm, and training will start at 7pm.  We’ll be done by 8:30pm.

Training resources and costs:

As a part of the training, you will be receiving a training manual and a living guide.  These are both essential to you engaging in the training on Wednesdays, and in the follow through on your own at home.  The living guide specifically will help you take what you’re learning on Wednesdays and share it with others, at home or in your circle of friends.  What we actually do with the training is as important as the training sessions themselves.

As a church, it is our desire to equip you in taking next steps to be driven to reach people.  So we will be covering the cost of one training manual and living guide for each household that is involved in the training.  The cost for both items together is $15.  Separately, they are $11 for the training manual, and $4 for the living guide.

For some households, there is more than one person attending the training (i.e.: spouse or student).  If that is the case for you, we’re asking that you would purchase another set of books (training manual and living guide) for the other people who will be involved in the training.  After years of training experience, Bill Allison has found that in order to really engage with the material, you need to have it in front of you and not just living off your neighbor’s notes.

Some households will be having 4+ people involved in the training (i.e.: husband, wife, HYPE students).  If that is your situation, we would encourage and ask you to purchase a set of books for the other spouse, for one student, and then after that, you are welcome to purchase what you deem appropriate and fitting.  For example, you might have two HYPE students, who can share a living guide at home, but have a separate training manual for the Wednesday evenings.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to let me know.  All training materials will be available on January 14 when you arrive.

Can’t wait to gather with you all!