Why I serve at VBS – Kevin and Kristi Funk

One event we love around Crosspoint is our summer VBS!  Crosspoint’s 2015 VBS is happening June 28-July 2.

Here is a testimony from Kevin and Kristi Funk on why they serve at VBS…

Kristi and I enjoy serving at VBS for many reasons. By taking a closer look back throughout the years, I would say some reasons have changed.

When we first became involved with VBS we can say we were doing it for our daughter Madison. We wanted her, as a 5 year old, to get to know
other kids that attend Crosspoint and instill songs and godly christian concepts at an early age.

But as we faithfully served from year to year, our desire changed. I wouldn’t say what we wanted from the first year was or wasn’t what it
should have been, but that our hearts for these kids grew to want what we wanted not only for our daughter, but for every child who steps foot inside
our doors. To know and worship their Heavenly Father and Creator.

Now besides the children who attend, there is another reason we have grown to love during VBS. The parents. The moms and dads that Kristi
and I may not know on a Sunday basis are the ones we get to become closer to during the week of evangelism. My wife and I love to build
relationships not only with these children, but with the adults who we don’t know on a deeper level.

I pray more Crosspointers will say “yes” this year to helping and serving alongside the VBS team. God has so much in store not only for the children, but for
the adults who selflessly give away their time to advance the kingdom of God. JUMP IN AND SEE…..