Why I serve – Maranda Benckendorf

Around Crosspoint, our volunteers truly are at the heart of what we do.  Without our volunteers, God-glorifying, life-changing ministry just wouldn’t happen.  So why do our volunteers serve?  Why do they join Jesus in His invitation to be a part of a mission that is greater than themselves?

Here is one testimony from Maranda Benckendorf who serves in SonChasers…


When my husband and I first started bringing our children to Crosspoint we were a family newly committed to a Christian life.  Brian and I knew we wanted our children to grow up in a Christ centered home and have a strong church family.  The Christ centered home we continue to build, some days stronger than others.  The church family we found in Crosspoint.  We love our church and our small group!  But I never would have thought God would use me in such a great way at our church.  I always envisioned myself as a “back row” Christian, silently tucked away at the rear of the church with nothing to contribute. 

But after spending several months worth of Sundays helping out in the nursery, because my daughter wouldn’t let me leave, Jennie Bock asked me if I’d like to join the nursery teaching team.  Had she not believed in me enough to ask I never would have stepped from my comfort zone and volunteered.  It wasn’t the kids that intimidated me.  I love kids.  It was the curriculum that frightened me.  Could I teach the Bible to others when it was so new to me?  There is so much of the Bible I don’t understand.  I almost always rely upon the cliff notes at the bottom.  I wasn’t sure God could use such a new and “illiterate” Christian to share His love. 

The first time I ever prayed out loud with other people was the first time I taught the toddlers in the nursery.  I was terrified I wouldn’t say the right words.  I’ve since learned that the littles don’t care what I say when I pray so long as it comes from the heart, I put an amen at the end, and I follow it up with a snack.  I feel like I learn right along with them most Sundays. 

My name is Maranda Benckendorf, I am on the Nursery Teaching Team and the Son Chasers Worship Team.  There is another story of God asking me to step outside my comfort zone; I cannot sing!   But anyway here are some lessons I’ve learned from serving in Son Chasers:

  1. You learn by teaching. Not only do I learn about the Bible through preparing and delivering lessons for the kids, but I learn so much about God’s great love just from being with these little people.   
  1. God has a sense of humor. When you utter the words “I will never (fill in the blank here), you open the door for God to challenge you in just that area.  Words uttered by me on more than one occasion in college: “I will never teach children younger than middle school.”  I’ve been a kindergarten teacher for 7 years, a third grade teacher for 2, and I teach nursery age kids at church.  Thank you God. 
  1. God sees the little things.Luke 9:48 Then he said to them, “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.”  These little children are the future of our church, our community, and our world.  And even if I’m doing it in a small way: wiping noses, offering hugs, rocking babies, reading stories, singing songs, saying tiny prayers, and sharing snacks, I am teaching these kids about God’s great love.  The little things do not go unnoticed, nor do the little people.