Why I Serve – Kevin and Kristi Funk

Around Crosspoint, our volunteers truly are at the heart of what we do.  Without our volunteers, God-glorifying, life-changing ministry just wouldn’t happen.  So why do our volunteers serve?  Why do they join Jesus in His invitation to be a part of a mission that is greater than themselves?

Here is one testimony from Kevin and Kristi Funk who serve around Crosspoint, including in HYPE, our student ministry…


God has placed a burden on our hearts for the next generation.  As Kristi and I grew up in our own respective small towns, we both were rebellious towards God during our teenage years.  The experiences and struggles that we have had really help us relate and talk to the younger generation that walk through the front doors.  

We serve because we love the Lord and He has called every Christ follower to get off the sidelines and get involved.  We serve because Jesus commands our destiny and as we get involved with the lives of the youth, we pray seeds that we plant will sprout and produce much fruit.  

Our lives would have been very different growing up if we had surrendered and followed Jesus.  We hope their lives will be impacted and change will take place at HYPE as the Holy Spirit guides our daily/weekly interventions.