Crosspoint – Abilities, Skills, and Talents

Crosspoint –

As an elder team and staff, our call is to equip God’s people for the work of ministry, so that the Body of Christ may be built up (Ephesians 4:11-12).  In an effort to grow in better equipping the Body, and in our effectiveness and health as a church, we’re asking all those, 7th grade or older, who call Crosspoint their home church to complete this online form.  Parents of those students, make sure your child(ren) completes the form as well.

Don’t be shy either!  If it fits you, put a check mark next to it.

What does the form ask?  It is trying to gather the skills, abilities, and talents of Crosspointers in a variety of areas.  1 Corinthians 12 compares the church to a human body.  And how every part of the Body is called to function together, in unity.  One part is not better or superior to another part, but rather every part is needed and vital.  So this form will help us get a sense of the skills, abilities, and talents that exist in our church.

How long does the form take to fill out?  3-4 minutes.  And you only fill it out once.

What about new people who come to Crosspoint in 2 months?  Will they complete this form?  You bet.  Our desire is to better equip those who call Crosspoint home now, and those who will call it home later.

How will leaders then use this information?  How does knowing these things, help us function better as a church family?  Here is one example of how info like this could be used to better equip the Body:  We want to do more with video.  Mmm…who has talents in taking and editing video?  We look in our database, and find that these 3 people do.  So then we approach those three with the idea and have them consider helping in that area.  The same example could be played out in a multitude of ways through the variety of skills and abilities.  It doesn’t mean that if someone didn’t mark that they ‘enjoy working with younger children ‘that then they can’t serve in SonChasers.  Rather, it is simply helping us get a better picture of how God has gifted His people at Crosspoint.

By filling this out, am I locked into a serving role for the next 20 years?  No.  The goal is to equip the Body for works of service, not guilt the Body into those works.  We are to serve wholeheartedly and with joy.  Too often, we assume that if we don’t have a skill such as a musical instrument or public speaking that there is not a role in the church to serve in.  Nothing could be further from the truth or the Biblical picture of the church.  Every serving role is important and our heart is to see us grow as a church in our effectiveness in ministry and mission.

If you have questions at all, don’t hesitate to let someone on staff know, or you can reply to this email.  And there are areas on the form that you can fill out if something is not listed that you enjoy or are skilled at.  I’m sure we’ve missed something.  🙂

Thank you for leaning in as grow in our devotion to Jesus, dedication to one another, and drive to reach others with the Good News of Jesus.