Discover Crosspoint – “I’m In!”

This year at Crosspoint, we are asking all current members of Crosspoint and anyone who is not a member, who desires membership, to go through Discover Crosspoint (our membership class).  This would include all 7th-12th grade students as well who are Christ followers.  We believe the next generation is not just the church of tomorrow, but today!

Over the past several months, the elder team has come to the conviction that, as a church, we need to grow in learning what it looks like to live together as the family of God.  We really sense that God is at work in great ways in our church, and we are excited to see us grow in our understanding of the New Testament teaching on life in the local church.  We are excited see those who call Crosspoint home to declare “I’m In” as we commit ourselves afresh to the vision of being devoted to Jesus, dedicated to one another, and driven to reach people with the Good News!

With the recent launch of our new website, you can read more about membership at Crosspoint, including our updated membership covenant.

Below are some frequently asked questions you may have:

Why is church membership important?

Church membership is not only important to us at Crosspoint for practical reasons—making sure we have accurate contact information and knowing who you are so we can shepherd you better—it is also very important to us for Biblical reasons. The Bible refers to the church as a “body” (1 Corinthians 12:12-27) and says that the “body” is made up of many individual parts, each of which has a unique function to fulfill and contribution to make to the mission of that particular “body,” or church. We believe in church membership because it helps us identify ourselves as a unified “body” that needs each person in order to function in a way that is healthy and God glorifying.

The Bible also talks about the importance of being part of a community that can help meet each other’s needs (Acts 2:42-47) and the importance of submitting ourselves to the leaders of a church (Hebrews 13:17), which both happen best through the commitment and accountability of church membership. While the Bible does not specifically command people to become members of a church, we believe that having a membership and committing to it is the best way to cultivate the kind of community the Bible describes the church to be.

When are the Discover Crosspoint’s happening this year?

What if I can’t attend one of these?

More classes will be taking place in 2017.  But if at all possible with your schedule, we’re encouraging you to attend sooner, rather than later.

How do I sign up for a Discover Crosspoint?

Email Pastor Dave ( or sign up at Guest Connections on a Sunday morning.

So why are we asking current members to go back through Discover Crosspoint?

In life, let alone our spiritual lives, review is not a bad thing.  We’ve revamped the content of Discover Crosspoint significantly, and believe that these will be great times together where we are learning and growing alongside one another in the family.  We envision that these times will be unity building and God given opportunities for each of us to be reminded of the ministry and mission that Jesus has called us to.  So whether you’ve been a member for 13 years or 13 months or have yet to commit to membership, our encouragement is to declare “I’m In!” through recommitting to membership.

If I’m a current member and I don’t go through it, will I still be considered a member in the future?

Our desire and expectation is that all current members will go through Discover Crosspoint again.  If a current member would choose not to go through the class (at a date this fall or in early 2017), that person’s status in our database would change to ‘attendee.’

On the website, it mentions that all prospective members will meet with a pastor or elder.  Is that the case for this fall?

Because of the unique nature of seeking to take the existing church members and new prospective members through this process in the fall, we don’t anticipate meeting with every single household individually.  We do anticipate that we will be following up with some, as needed and as the Spirit leads us.

The membership covenant mentions that as a member, I agree with the beliefs of Crosspoint?  Where do I find those?

Over the summer, we updated some language and clarified our statement of beliefs.  You will find those on our website.