Evidences of God’s Grace: April – June 2018

Last year, we began sharing in our Sunday program, evidences of God’s grace and work in the life of Crosspoint and our community.  Below, are the evidences (April-June) collected into one post.  May these lead us to an attitude of thankfulness to and worship of our God who is at work, not only through us, but in us.  You can read past evidences here.



We are encouraged by the unity, passion, and vision that is evidenced in our Hype Student Ministry leader team right now.  Our current team is at work, praying and preparing for the next year of ministry (beginning in August).  Be in prayer this summer, that students (6th-12th grades) will be reached and that the community of students will continue to grow in Living 3D as a way of life.  For the next generation is not just the church of tomorrow, but of today.


During the week of VBS, we continually saw the evidence of God’s grace at work.  We saw it in the volunteers that gathered to serve, and show and tell of the love of Jesus and His Good News.  We saw it in the children who walked in our doors, both those who call Crosspoint home, and those who do not.  We saw it in the creativity of the team as they transformed the building into a great and inviting environment.  We saw it in the ways the Word fell on open hearts and ears.  May the Lord cause the growth, as we have been faithful to plant and water (1 Corinthians 3).


In May, we highlighted the work of Compassion International and their ministry to children around the globe.  During those couple weeks, Crosspoint households began to sponsor 20 children, and as a result, 20 lives will be forever changed!  We are grateful at the Lord’s work in these households to lead them to give and partner with Compassion’s mission.  Be in prayer for both the 20 children and the Crosspointers who are beginning to sponsor them.


By faith, Crosspointers are…battling cancer and disease, giving generously of their money, praying for their lost friends and family, walking in the light with fellow brothers and sisters, repenting of sin, serving in ministry, engaged in community with believers, paying off debt, choosing to align their lives with the Word of God, growing in their knowledge of the Word, pursing marriage counseling, serving at VBS, trusting God for their future, remaining faithful in their jobs, etc.  What is your ‘by faith’ story?  Share with someone today.


On Sunday, May 20, we preached from 2 Corinthians 8-9, which encouraged us to be generous, sacrificial, and cheerful in our giving.  One thing we love to see happening are middle and high school students giving to the Lord and His work at Crosspoint.  Students who give faithfully of the money they earn through part-time jobs.  This means parents are teaching and training their children in the ways of the Lord, and students are learning to walk by faith at the age that they are.  The next generation is the church of today, not just tomorrow.


Recently a Crosspoint family shared this evidence:  their son’s unexpected job loss leads to a new job that requires an out of state move.  As the mother wrote, “Would we have chosen to have our son so far away? Probably not, but God’s grace was clear.  As parents we are so thankful they are seeking God’s direction and following God’s will and not our will.  God’s grace is given in paths we would not have chosen for ourselves or others.  But it is still grace.”


On this Mother’s Day, we thank the Lord for the faithful and Jesus-following women in our lives.  In 2 Timothy 1:5, Paul wrote this to a young Timothy, “I recall your sincere faith that first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and now, I am convinced, is in you also.”  Many of us are following Jesus today, because the women before us (mothers, grandmothers, aunts) showed us and told us what it meant to trust in Jesus.  Thank you Lord for this evidence of your grace!


We are always encouraged when we hear that marriages are seeking to grow in Christlikeness and take steps of faith.  We recently heard this testimony, “We are doing a couples’ devotion together for the first time at home.”  Praise God!  We desire to build marriages and families to be centered on Christ and a light to the world, because ultimately marriage is a reflection of Jesus and His bride, the church.


We love to read (on connection cards) of Crosspointers praying for such things as:  boldness to talk to their neighbors about Jesus; restoration of a strained parent/child relationship; endurance and strength to love and serve a family member in crisis; energy and patience to finish out the school year for God’s glory; wisdom in parenting; to grow in Christlikeness in the roles of wife, mother, and friend.


We love to see Crosspointers living out 1 Peter 4:10, which says, Just as each one has received a gift, use it to serve others, as good stewards of the varied grace of God.  Recently, we’ve seen a Crosspointer use his gift of teaching and teach our Middle School Student Ministry, and a Crosspointer express interest in joining the worship team as a singer, and Crosspointers consistently and faithfully serving as teachers in our SonChasers children’s ministry.  The Body of Christ is at its best, when the Body is actively serving the Lord!


Be encouraged by some of the ‘Once, But Now’ testimonies shared in last Sunday’s service.  Once I identified myself through work, but now I identify myself through Him.  Once I thought I had to be perfect before I allowed Him into my life, but now I realize I just want to spend every day with Him. Once I was the prodigal son, but now I feel restored back to my Father.  Once I thought that asking Jesus into my heart was enough, but now I know it takes a relationship as well.  Once I was a rejected orphan, but now I am the beloved of the Father.  Once I said I made a decision to follow Jesus, but now I know it is only because He called and equipped me to even follow Him.  Once I valued one more hour of sleep, than an hour of worshipping Him.


We rejoice at the Lord gathering 368 adults, students and children this past Sunday to celebrate Easter together in the Crosspoint Living Room.  The Good News of Jesus was proclaimed, the Lord’s name was exalted, and may He be at work changing the lives and hearts of those who were in attendance.


In November 2017, Crosspoint began an adoption fund that is administrated by the ministry, Lifesong for Orphans.  Through this fund, we are able to help provide financial assistance to those households who are pursuing adoption.  We rejoice that in late February 2018, we were able to provide our first assistance to a Crosspoint household that is prayerfully seeking to adopt.