Evidences of God’s Grace: April-June 2019

In 2017, we began sharing in our Sunday program, evidences of God’s grace and work in the life of Crosspoint and our community.  Below, are the evidences (April-June 2019) collected into one post.  May these lead us to an attitude of thankfulness to and worship of our God who is at work, not only through us, but in us.  You can read past evidences here.



During a recent morning in SonChasers’ children’s ministry, in response to a question of ‘What does this story teach me about God and the gospel?’, a young girl wrote in crayon, ‘God is always with us. God always wins.  God can stop the sun.  God will never leave me.  God cares for me.  God loves me.’  There’s some good truth for all of us to know and live by.  Thank you Lord for how you are using your people to plant and water seeds of the Good News in young hearts.  May you cause the growth!


During the week of VBS, we continually saw the evidence of God’s grace at work.  We saw it in the volunteers that gathered to serve, and show and tell of the love of Jesus and His Good News.  We saw it in the children who walked in our doors, both those who call Crosspoint home, and those who do not.  We saw it in the creativity of the team as they transformed the building into a great and inviting environment.  We saw it in the ways the Word fell on open hearts and ears.  May the Lord cause the growth, as we have been faithful to plant and water (1 Corinthians 3).


2 Corinthians 5:7 says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”  Romans 1:17 declares, “The righteous shall live by faith.”  Hebrews 11:6 states, “And without faith it is impossible to please him…”  So as a church, our hearts are encouraged and our faith is strengthened, when we see Crosspointers willing to align their lives with the Scriptures and live and walk by faith.  For some that means being sent out from Crosspoint to launch a new church in Minonk.  For someone like Kent Hinrichsen, it means coming back to Crosspoint and joining our staff in September.  For the vast majority, it means that we will faithfully plant and water in the place we live now.


Earlier this year, Shannon Brucker stepped out in faith and said that she’d be willing and wanted to lead up this year’s VBS.  Behind the scenes, she has helped coordinate this year’s outreach and ministry, and equip people for the various roles within a VBS.  We are grateful for her desire to walk by faith and serve wholeheartedly for the sake of others and for God’s glory!  The Body of Christ is at its healthiest when the Body is ministering to the Body!  Thank you Lord, for her, and so many other Crosspointers, who contributed to this year’s VBS!


Recently a Crosspoint covenant member shared this…We just wanted to thank Crosspoint for embracing us as members and becoming like family to us…we are so blessed to call this church home.  For those who are in Christ, we’ve been called toward one another in our new, eternal, spiritual family.  In Him, we are brothers and sisters who are called to live out the many ‘one another’s’ in the New Testament.  May the Spirit continue to deepen our love for one another, and let it abound and overflow to others.


When middle school and high school students are seeing themselves as active parts of the Body of Christ, we rejoice!  Currently, we are seeing students willingly serve in a variety of ways around the church family.  They are actively ‘raising their hands’ and expressing a desire to serve wholeheartedly in our mission of making disciples of Jesus who live 3D together.  Thank you Lord for the members of the next generation who call Crosspoint home.  May you work mightily in and through them!


We love to see the Lord at work in and through our SonChasers children’s ministry.  For instance, children are memorizing Scripture and they are taking on Bible reading challenges at home.  At Crosspoint, we are a people anchored to the Word, so we rejoice at seeing teachers and leaders in SonChasers living that truth out, as well as, encouraging the next generation to do so as well.  Paul says in 1 Corinthians 11:1, Imitate me, as I also imitate Christ.  Thank you Lord for the teachers who are setting an example, and the children who are following!


This past Sunday, we gave a special offering to go toward the launch of the Minonk church plant (Redeemer Community Church). Through the generosity of Crosspointers, the Lord provided $39,634.  Taking that amount and combining it with the giving of the other oversight churches (Community Bible Fellowship and Christ Community Church) who also gave special offerings, the Lord raised a total of $111,199. To God, alone, be the glory!


On Easter morning, 388 adults, students and children gathered at Crosspoint to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and worship Him!  The Good News of Jesus was proclaimed and we were called to be a people of living hope.  1 Peter 1:3:  Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  May He be at work changing the lives and hearts of those who were in attendance.


We are called to be disciples who learn and grow, so we love to hear of Crosspointers not only growing spiritually, but noticing others doing the same.  A community group member recently shared this about their leader, “I just wanted to give you an encouraging update on our group and let you know that the amount of growth that I have seen in our leader’s life is God-glorifying.  He has been doing an excellent job in leading us through the book, preparing each week.  Most importantly he has been sharing about his application in his own life.  Wow.  It has been so rewarding to see what God is doing in his life.”


We are called to be disciplemakers who show and tell of the Good News.  So we rejoice when we hear of a Crosspointer, who after being challenged to look for opportunities, walked into one immediately after church at the local grocery store.  She shared this, “I ran into a lady that I hadn’t seen in a long time.  I asked her how her son was doing, and she started crying.  I was able to give her a big hug, and tell her that I would be praying for her and invited her to our church…God put her right in my path.”  May we live as ambassadors for Christ, in our everyday lives.


As God’s people, we are called to live in community with one another.  So we reject the temptation to isolate ourselves, and instead, pursue to gather faithfully and live interdependently with our fellow siblings in the family of God.  We rejoice, then, when we hear of a Crosspoint household who had fallen into a pattern of isolation and spiritual apathy, return to gathering regularly on Sunday mornings, and begin to prioritize the Word and prayer in their daily life again.


Recently, we had a dearly loved Crosspoint household move out of state.  They shared these words of encouragement, “I wanted to say thanks to you for how you and the staff have let us serve at Crosspoint the last couple years.  I cannot tell you how much this has meant to me.  We have enjoyed the church, the preaching and teaching, playing in the worship band, the new friends we have made, and more.  Serving at Crosspoint has been one of the best experiences we have had since moving to this area.”  Thank you Lord, for how you’ve called us to be your family and body, on mission wherever we live.