Commitments in Marriage Counseling

So you find yourself in need of some counseling for your marriage.  Maybe crisis has led you to this point, or maybe you just know your marriage could be strengthened with outside counsel.  Here are seven commitments you must make on the front end, and continue to make as you keep walking by faith.


  • We are committed to a posture of prayerful dependence for it is only with the Lord that the human heart is truly transformed.
  • We will reject a posture of self-reliance that falsely believes that we alone will be able to ‘fix’ things.


  • We are committed to owning our own sin and being accountable for the brokenness that we have contributed to the relationship.
  • We will reject blame shifting and justifying our sinful attitudes and actions by pointing fingers at the other.


  • We are committed to the Lord doing sanctifying work in our hearts and lives, believing that the Good News is not just for salvation, but all of life.
  • We will reject a self-righteous attitude that compares itself laterally instead of vertically.


  • We are committed to pursuing a heart of humility before the Lord and one another, for God gives grace to the humble.
  • We will reject our tendency toward pride, for God opposes the proud.


  • We are committed to letting God’s Word and godly counsel be our authority, for it is trustworthy, true, and for our good.
  • We will reject letting our fickle feelings and/or ungodly counsel guide us, for they are not trustworthy, true, nor for our good.


  • We are committed to live in light of both the earthly generations that follow us and the One who died and rose again for us.
  • We will reject living for the temporary moment and short-term season.


  • We are committed to believe that God is able, willing and desiring to do great work, for with Him all things are possible.
  • We will reject thinking that there is no hope or that God is not able.