Sanctify them by the truth

I love the clarity of the Scriptures.  For instance, in John 17:17, we get to read of Jesus praying for you and I.  For His future believers, and so we get to clearly hear one thing the Lord wants to do in every believer, no matter their age or how long they have followed Him. […]

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You Are His!

When you’re of someone’s heir, you inherit all they have.  So as believers in Christ, we have a relationship with a Heavenly Father that doesn’t change with circumstances, or even death.  We get a relationship with Him, where at one time we had none. And that relationship is everything. 

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I Will Worship

May we lift our eyes to and fix our attention on the Lord who is our strength, our hope, and all together good in every way.  Though this…we, as God’s people, will worship. 

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Truth For Untangling

Brother or sister in the Lord, So you’ve experienced the conviction of the Spirit?  Praise God that His Spirit is alive in you and you are listening. So you’ve heard His voice of truth through His Word and people?  Praise the Good Shepherd for He continues to pursue us to lead us along the right […]

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Wise Words

The Scriptures have much to say about the power of our words.  The book of Proverbs specifically.  Below is a list of several proverbs (not an exhaustive list) that we’d be wise to seek to live by. 

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