Testimonies from ‘How to Grow’ Class

We recently finished up our fall 2020 class, ‘How to Grow’.  We had 18 Crosspointers go through it, as we read through and discussed How to Grow by Darryl Dash.  We had singles and couples; teenagers and retirees and everywhere in between.  We had people join in-person and online.  And we hope to offer this class again in 2021 at some point. 

In our last time together, we gathered to simply share how the Lord was growing us and next steps in the faith that we were taking.  It was an extremely encouraging time together, and I wanted to highlight some of the testimonies that were shared.  Testimonies show us where and how the Lord is at work in lives, and they spur us on personally to keep growing by the grace of God. 

As a church, may we continually pursue the vision to grow, by the grace of God, into Christlike maturity. To Him be the glory!

  • We are seeing how our faith in Christ affects all of life.  From making supper, to how to handle social media, to all of life. 
  • We are praying and reading the Word together, as a couple.
  • I am asking myself the questions, who am I mentoring and who can I mentor?
  • I am seeking to utilize my time more effectively and intentionally and reject wasting time.
  • As I begin my days, I am asking the Lord who I can help today, and the Lord is directing me to people.  It is incredible how He is opening doors. 
  • I am reading the Bible more and not just praying at mealtime, but seeing how prayer is through all my day.
  • We are listening to the Word as we make supper or go about activities in our home.
  • I have a tendency to be a turtle socially and isolate myself.  I am choosing to make myself more available and be vulnerable with other believers, rejecting the tendency to hide.
  • We are reading the Bible together, and currently working through the New Testament reading plan as a church.  In January, we intend on starting in the Old Testament and reading through the Bible together.
  • As a couple, we are seeking to have a ‘rule of life,’ including choosing contentment with less things and avoiding an over-burdened and busy schedule.
  • I am learning that spiritual growth is not white knuckling and in my own strength, but surrendering to the Lord and growing in grace. 
  • We are using our commute to work to listen to the Word.
  • We are seeing fruit through our prayer time together as a couple.
  • I got sidetracked with Covid and 2020, and this book has helped me get more intentional in my faith and growth. 
  • As a newly married couple, we are setting a goal to read the Bible together as a couple once a week, and wanting to grow from there.
  • I didn’t really know much about how to grow before reading this book, but now I’m starting small with realistic goals and next steps. 
  • I never talked to anyone about the Lord, but now I’m starting to talk to people about Him.