Evidences Of God’s Grace: January-March 2020

On a weekly basis in our Sunday program, we share evidences of God’s grace and work in the life of Crosspoint and our community.  Below, are the evidences (January-March 2020) collected into one post.  May these lead us to an attitude of thankfulness to and worship of our God who is at work, not only through us, but in us.  You can read past evidences here.



We recently heard of a Crosspointer who is praying for her community and neighbors, as she takes walks outside.  She’s not the only one either.  God’s people are a people of prayer no matter the circumstances.  May our faith in the Lord deepen in this season, and may He stir up our hearts and increase our love for our neighbors and the communities we call home.  Let’s grow in our prayerfulness in the days ahead, and let’s be watchful for how the Lord will be at work.



Crosspoint began Sunday services in August 2003.  Since that first year, we’ve been praying lots of prayers, including that the Lord would provide for His Church.  He’s the Chief Shepherd of His flock.  He’s the Head of His Body.  He’s the Father to His children.  And for nearly 17 years, the Lord has been faithful year in and year out.  He has provided through the generosity of His people, and He is good!  His past faithfulness is a reminder of both His present and future faithfulness.  May His faithfulness stir in us a growing trust and dependence upon Him!



Redeemer Community Church in Minonk, IL, launched in October 2019.  Crosspoint, partnered up with Community Bible Fellowship in El Paso and Christ Community Church in Gridley, to plant this new work.  Last fall, Crosspoint sent out four households, including one of our former pastors, Erik Johnson and his family, to be the founding pastor.  Redeemer is currently seeing an average of 70 adults, students and children gather together to worship on Sundays at Fieldcrest High School at 10am.  To God be the glory!



As a local faith family, many of our households have lost loved ones over the past several years.  Romans 12:15, Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.  We are grateful to hear of how members of the Body of Christ are walking in the context of community, as they grieve.  As the family of God, we are called to bear one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2), and to bear with one another in love (Ephesians 4:2).  So while we grieve with one another, we are also grateful to be alongside one another as brothers and sisters, trusting in a perfect Heavenly Father who cares for His people.



The Lord has called us to freedom (Galatians 5:13). We are encouraged and spurred on when we read of this testimony from a Crosspointer, “The struggle with having food in its rightful place in my life has been a lifelong struggle, and God is very, very patiently teaching me how to surrender that to Him and walk in obedience in this area.  In 2020, my desire, my hope and my prayer is to walk with Jesus, resolved to stay on that course, walk by the Spirit, not indulging my flesh, and to serve others humbly and lovingly. I have a lot of growing to do, but God hasn’t finished the good work He started in me, and He promised to carry it on to completion! Amen!!”



When we gather together on Sunday mornings, we consistently want to be welcoming to those we may not know yet.  We want to introduce ourselves and help get to know those who we are gathering with.  Recently, a Crosspointer who is pursuing covenant membership and has been attending since last fall, shared that she has been greeted by someone new every single Sunday she has been there.  She felt very loved by this intentionality, and it was greatly encouraging to hear.  May we continue to look outward and pursue a welcoming spirit.



An excerpt from our membership covenant says this, “I will make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace, with all humility, gentleness, patience, and bearing with one another in love, for we are members of one Body.  I will walk graciously with and love one another sincerely, rejecting attitudes and actions such as gossip and bitterness, for Jesus first loved and forgave us, so we in turn, love and forgive one another.”  We are so encouraged recently at hearing of how members are living this out, and bringing glory to God through their forgiveness of one another.



In Christ, we are ‘workers who serve and sacrifice.’  We are members of the Body of Christ, each doing our part for the building up and strengthening of the Body.  So we rejoice at a young couple, newly married, stepping into ministry together, through teaching in SonChasers.  What a beautiful way to start a marriage!  Thank you Lord for this couple and the many others who are actively engaged in ministry and service in the Crosspoint family!



In January, we hosted our first ever covenant membership renewal gathering.  It was an opportunity for all covenant members to come together.  A couple households shared these testimonies afterwards, “We are so glad we got to be a part of the gathering.  We both felt very drawn, compelled, blessed, loved, and driven by the evening.”  “I really enjoyed gathering together.  It was a great night of worship, reflection and fellowship.”  Thank you Lord that in Christ, we are family and members of your Body!  We are already looking forward to our covenant renewal next year.



A thank you note from Christie Dunham, “To our Crosspoint family – Thank you for the 2 years of prayers, calls, visits, during Dave’s illness.  We were given the gift of true community during our time of trials.  You helped us to grow in our love of our Lord. Thank you for everything!”  The Lord has called us to be dedicated to and love one another, because He first loved us.  May we continue to grow in our love for one another, and in turn, glorify our Lord!



Over the past year, we’ve had a couple community groups work through the book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, by Don Whitney.  In Christ, we are disciples who learn and grow.  So we are deeply encouraged to hear how His people are growing and learning spiritual disciplines that foster a deeper relationship, devotion, and love for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The Lord has called us to a personal relationship with Him, that is lived out in the context of mutual community with other believers.



Recently a Crosspointer shared this testimony… “You always preach about how we need to trust God fully and not lean on our own understanding. And I often struggle with this. I always feel like I need to do it on my own. And I’m constantly trying to remind myself to not stress about it all so much. That God has it under control for me. And every time I feel like things are piling up on me. He really does just work it out.” Praise God that He is growing His people to walk by faith and trust in His sovereign goodness, grace, and power.



In December, we were able to bless a missionary family serving in East Asia with a special gift of $500.  The wife’s work visa is delayed in the country they are serving in, so as a result, she is unable to receive a salary from the school that she teaches at.  Pause and pray that her work visa is approved soon, and for the Lord to open up doors for the Good News of Jesus to be shared through this family.