Get To Know: Chris Garcia

On March 22, we announced that Chris Garcia, a junior at Moody Bible Institute, was joining the Crosspoint staff on a part-time basis as our Worship and Communications Intern.  You can watch that 3 minute announcement here.  We are so excited for Chris to be a part of the Crosspoint family, as we seek to bring glory to God by making disciples of Jesus who live 3D together.  Read Chris’ note below to better get to know him…


I’ve pretty much always been involved with church. Like most pastor’s kids, I grew up in an environment where Jesus talk prevailed over everything else. I loved youth group, doodling on church bulletins during service, and helping my dad clean out the communion trays while helping myself to some leftovers.

Bible stories were awesome, and I always believed that they were true and that Jesus really did die for my sins. I was playing drums and singing at my church, became a student leader in our high school youth group. It wasn’t until early high school after my older brother (a huge role model in my life) walked away from the faith that I started wondering if I really wanted to serve this God. Was I serving God out of love for Him or was it more of a self-serving obligation? After all, I was pretty concerned about my reputation by this point; always trying to please everyone.

In 2016, I went on a short-term mission’s trip to Haiti. It was on that trip where I was pursued by a mentor not even 10 years older than me. He guided me through the book of Acts and painted the mission of the apostles in a way that I’d never heard before. It was his fiery zeal for Jesus evidenced by his own story and passion for reaching the lost that reignited my faith. Serving Jesus is never supposed to be about me (John 3:30), and ultimately not even about other people, but only about Him. (Mat. 28:18-20). There it was — the difference between just being a believer and actually being a follower of Jesus. That trip marked the day I became a true follower (Luke 9:23) of the God who’d been working in me ever since I was a kid in Sunday school. From then on, I knew that full time ministry was where God wanted me to be. Even if that meant a career outside of the church, I was gonna be a minister for Christ everywhere.

Moody Bible Institute was the obvious next step.

I’ve grown and have learned so much there that I could write a whole book about it. But long story short, God began honing His gifts in me. He taught me how to steward my musicianship for Him, and I found myself picking up guitar. Then I was leading worship in small groups or in front of the student body. Day by day I began to realize just how passionate I am about worship arts. For a long time video production had been my thing, but God had more in mind.

Now I’m beginning to serve as the Worship and Communications intern here at Crosspoint, despite our current inability to gather in person. I’ve met so many of you already, and I have loved coming here and serving periodically over the past year. One reason I want to keep serving at Crosspoint is because I love getting to know new people and to join a staff that is all about Jesus. I also want to explore how my passions for video and worship can be used for God’s glory in this place, and to work alongside leaders both volunteer and staff.

So there’s an abridged story about my journey that leaves many many things out.

Like how much I love film and editing videos on Youtube, listening to big band jazz, or how awkward I am at playing most sports. I’m also on a comedy improv team at Moody which is extremely fun. If you want to know more about me, or ask questions, or just have a chat, you can reach me at and I’d be happy to talk!

Decreasing for His increase,

Chris Garcia