Thinking about going to Reynosa?

We’ve all been there…sitting in church listening to an announcement about some upcoming event that you’re being invited to participate in.  “Sign-up today.  Talk to so-and-so to get more information.  Consider this opportunity.”  And we do, for about 10 seconds.  But then reality creeps in….how can I afford that?  how can I be gone from work […]

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She is Safe

One of the organizations that we support financially and in prayer is She is Safe and their work in Mali, Africa.. Slavery is still happening.  All around the world young girls are vulnerable to this great evil.  We live in a world that has large areas of poverty, where sons are preferred, where girls are […]

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Be Still ~ More Often

From Anna Williamson…one of the members of the Crosspoint team that served with Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries over Spring Break 2014… “This trip to Reynosa really taught me about being flexible and not having to have concrete plans about everything in life, even the things that seem most important. The group of people that started […]

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Tornado Response and Recovery

The following email was sent out on November 21.  If you call Crosspoint your church home, but did not receive this, please contact the church office at *********** Hello Crosspoint – Much of our communication regarding how to respond to Sunday’s tornado has been via Crosspoint’s Facebook page thus far.  Below are some next […]

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Show and Tell

I loved show and tell day in grade school.  Bringing the project or collection from home, the pet, the random souvenir that I got on vacation.  Show and tell day was this opportunity to reveal something about yourself to your class.  Maybe something they didn’t know, or maybe something that they’d heard you talk about, […]

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