Quick Wins in Fathering

According to one website, a quick win is an improvement that is visible, has immediate benefit, and can be delivered quickly.  It doesn’t have to be profound. Sometimes the hardest part in growing as a spiritual leader in your home, is starting. 

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God Speaks Through Our Kids

From Matt Wiegand… I appreciate how our Father in heaven speaks to us through our kids. Seems as though as I parent my boys, I continue to recognize areas in my life God is sanctifying me in. Recently I noticed my son struggling with worrying about what others might think. It was almost handicapping his […]

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Tree House

From Kevin Funk… Right now my wife and I are attending the Grace Based Parenting class at Crosspoint. It started about 3 weeks ago and already I feel like I’ve learned a lot. Since parenting is up close and personal on a weekly basis, I felt like I should pass on some info I recently […]

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A Lost Son

From Kevin Funk… I really enjoy sharing with you all what God puts on my heart.  This blog is not only a great tool for us pastors and elders to help communicate to the body, but I know speaking for me it also sharpens my awareness of the broken world around me to give you […]

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Real Men – Part 4

From Craig Swanson…Part 1…Part 2…Part 3.   One final ball I feel we have dropped as men is that of protector. (Just as a reminder, when I talk about being real men I’m talking about reflecting the character of God.) God is our protector. “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, […]

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Real Men – Part 3

From Craig Swanson…(Part 1)…(Part 2) I must admit that there was a real temptation to skip part 3 of “Real Men” and move right into part 4. This is because I know that we have been so programmed by our culture, a biblical world-view seems strange to us. So when I talk about men and women having […]

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Real Men – Part 2

From Craig Swanson…part 2 (read part 1 here) Being the man God intended us to be means reflecting His image – following His design. Sin in the world and in our nature has marred the original design, so we need to compare our lives and character with God’s blueprint. Have you ever had to fix […]

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Real Men – Part 1

From Craig Swanson… It is amazing how our culture and media shapes our thinking in so many ways. Movies, TV shows, commercials, talk shows – a constant barrage attacking the heart and soul of real masculinity. Sadly, we’ve bought most of the lies and it is reflected in the decline of the family today. In the movies […]

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