Is There Growth?

From Kevin Funk…

This is a weekly and sometimes a daily thought I constantly run through my head. I constantly evaluate and examine myself. After last week’s message at Crosspoint, I’m prompted to write about why this is so important to me and to other believers in Christ.

At first glance this may sound like I check my own growth, which I do, but as I was sitting there listening to Dave, I couldn’t help myself to keep thinking about my daughter.  How often as a parent do we think to ourselves “I wish my child would just understand”. I’m always in desperate need of God’s grace. And that may be for another blog, but I have struggled in the past to try and look into the spiritual life of my daughter and try to see evidence of any spiritual growth. Mostly in a judging, condescending type of way too.

See I was forcing the gospel sometimes instead of letting God and His Word do what He does best. Radically transform our hearts and lives from the inside out.  “I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow.” 1 Corinthians 3:6 NLT.

As Dave was preaching this point last week, the Holy Spirit said just chill for a moment and let me help! I have to be ok with not seeing results in a split second, or minute, or a month, or a year. I need to concentrate on my own heart and spiritual growth not just for me but as for my daughter as well. As I diligently work on my relationship with God, the overflow from the Spirit will spill onto my daughter and family by the example I lay forth.

There is a reason why God put a leader in the household. The husband will lead his family but not by force, but by example. As I put my daughter’s actions and decisions under a microscope, I need to be looking at myself for impurities with my daily walk with Christ. Everything good, pure, and holy comes from God. Why would we look down on our kids because they aren’t getting it when we as adults aren’t investing the time needed for our own hearts to further the Kingdom of Heaven ourselves?

Even though I really didn’t realize I was doing it, it’s good to have another set of eyes on the situation like my wonderful wife to help guide me back to where I need to be……the Word of God. Thank you Pastor Dave as well for your continued leadership and faithfulness to our God and to shepherding Crosspoint!